Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma 2011


The exhibition presents five recent site- specific installations by the artist, in a layout of great appeal. Valenti works on the creation of sculptures laden of mystery, in which silent figures move in spaces without dimensions, suspended in time, which at Palazzo delle Esposizioni will live in an almost theatrical context. “Through an image- a fragment-” Lea Mattarella writes in the catalogue, “the artist bestows an entire story upon each of us. She is not hesitant about defining her work as narrative fiction, something which would terrify most painters and sculptors who are less sure about their work; nor does she contrast her capacity to plant the seed of a tale to spark the beginnings of a story for each one of us and let the viewer muse on personal interpretations. At the same time she applies relentless rigor to the construction of the place she wants to lead us to and everything is designed to direct your gaze to a preconceived frame thus establishing an order- a hierarchy . The artist builds her spaces with an ability that stems from the past, keeping a keen eye on her contemporary environment as well. Her “Rooms”, real or imaginary, in a sea dense with waves, are made more powerful and absolute by the presence of the figures. The exhibition, curated by Lea Mattarella, critic of the newspaper “La Repubblica”, is illustrated by a catalog published by De Luca with a preface by Prof. AVV. Francesco Maria Emmanuele Emanuele and a text written by the artist Alberto Abate.